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Here’s how your eCommerce brand wins

Having serviced Direct to Consumer brands that do 100,000+ orders per month, we know what it takes to keep your customers happy.

Same Day Shipping

Orders that come in before 2pm EST (M-F) are shipped the same day.

Quick Delivery

With same day shipping, your customers can get their packages as early as the next day.

High Order Accuracy

We require all products to have a scannable barcode to ensure a 99.97% order accuracy.

No Lockups

Our contract is month to month so you can leave at any time. Unlike other 3PLs, we don’t hit you with absurd out the door fees either.

Increase Profits

We make your shipping cost a profit center. Automatically increase your margins by leveraging our heavily discounted shipping rates.

Automated billing

We automatically bill every week! Credit card or ACH, it’s your choice! Weekly billing makes managing your expenses easier!

Tondo’s shipping rates are guaranteed to save you money

Finally, you can make a spread on shipping! Charge your customers a flat rate and put the rest in your pocket. There’s nothing better than new found money.

Dedicated Account Manager

Your own personal Slack channel

Real time support and answers

Access to leadership and our warehouse team

Tondo Fulfillment’s features

What makes us different from the rest of the other 3PLs out there?

We are brand owners.

We have a self-serving warehouse management system.

We are fulfillment experts.

We have exclusive partnerships.

We have superior pricing.

Choose from our 100% plug-and-play integrations

Create a seamless link between our warehouse management system and 150+ different sales channels, enabling automatic synchronization of eCommerce orders and tracking.

You are in good company!

After changing 3PLs several times, Duradry finally found its forever home. Rock solid pricing and amazing service. Couldn’t be happier with the Tondo team.

Jack Benzaquen, CEO

I'm incredibly impressed by Tondo - we have scaled 30% MoM without a hiccup and while lowering our costs! Look no further - this is the team for you need!

Aaron Nosbisch, CEO

No better option for a 3PL company. Tondo literally saved me from a national well-known 3PL who was holding my inventory hostage. After going above and beyond, I’ve never once worried about my fulfillment, gotten no complaints on delays, and saved 10% on my bottom line by switching to Tondo. Can’t recommend enough.

Dylan Ander, CEO

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